A Statement from the State Bar of Georgia

A Statement from the State Bar of Georgia

Friends and colleagues,

The State Bar of Georgia acknowledges that so many of our members are in pain due to the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others. These deaths have highlighted the long-standing and systemic injustices and unfair treatment that African-Americans and other minorities endure.

As advocates, servants and justice-seekers, the State Bar opposes inequality in our justice system, we fight bigotry and racism, and we seek fairness and equity for all. Among its goals, our State Bar exists to improve the administration of justice, working daily to protect the public and support its lawyers. As lawyers, we are problem solvers and must use our special training and positions of leadership for the betterment of society.

There is much work to be done.

We commit to engaging, listening and learning from the experiences and perspectives of all those willing to share them. We will act upon what we learn to deliver on the promise of equal justice for all people. These conversations are uncomfortable, but silence is unacceptable.

This is just the beginning of the dialogue.


Darrell Sutton
President, State Bar
president@gabar.org [ mailto:president@gabar.org ]