April 20, 2016


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What’s New


  • Accelerating digital transformation and innovation
  • Explore the latest email announcements, events, articles, newsletters, and other information published by Sections of the State Bar of Georgia
  • This site includes features available to ALL Sections in ONE place
  • If your Section’s content is not available, please have your Section leaders contact us


  • Automatic updates via Section emails (including attachments)
  • Post by email for section officers and approved contributors
  • Publish photos and other content via hashtags (moderated)


  • Publish your articles, newsletters, and journals in a modern, accessible format
  • Automated PDF newsletters based on online content are also supported
  • Surveys and interactive forms allow instant feedback from members.

One Platform

  • One place for Section resources and promotion across the entire bar membership, not just specific section members
  • The platform includes links to existing bar resources for events, officer contacts, and member profiles
  • No duplication of content or efforts from other bar resources


  • Publish content in a searchable format
  • Create digital archives for content
  • Offer knowledgebases from subject matter experts

Data and Reporting

  • Reporting for site usage
  • Identify popular content
  • Monitor effectiveness

Additional Features

  • Update your Section logo
  • Member-only resources
  • Online commenting/communities
  • Custom domains/URL

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  • Receive or send an automated content feed
  • Direct users to your site
  • Promote your website content

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  • If you are responsible for your Section’s email, website, or other publications and want to add your Section, or have other questions, please contact us.