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Child Support Worksheet Helpline

Volunteer Letter for Child Support Hotline

2015 Poverty Guidelines

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Tax Publications from the IRS Website

Along with advice to consult with an accountant about tax matters, it is useful for family law clients to have a copy of IRS publications relating to divorce. Here are the web addresses for some helpful publications on the IRS website at IRS Forms are likewise available on the site such as Form 4506 for ordering a copy of a tax return from the IRS. Try saving to your desktop a hyperlink or shortcut to the publication by clicking “Send” on the File Menu in Internet Explorer and clicking “Shortcut to Desktop” to give you speedy access of the document.

Divorced or Separate Individuals

Child and Dependent Care Expenses

Individual Retirement Arrangements

Tax Guide for Individuals

Request for Copy of Tax Return

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the publication. You can obtain a free download of Acrobat Reader at

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