Andrea Jones Wins Charles Pursley Award

by Ken Levy

Named for the “Dean” of the Georgia Eminent Domain Bar, The Charles N. Pursley, Jr. Award, each year, is awarded to that member-attorney of our section who has distinguished himself or herself from all others in the practice of Eminent Domain law. The Award recognizes that individual who, in the preceding year, best represents and reflects the ideals of eminent domain practice. Recipients of the Award are recognized for their contributions to the practice, their exemplary ethical conduct, their professionalism, their savvy, and, in general, their achievement in advancing the goals of Eminent Domain practice.

This year’s recipient, Andrea Cantrell-Jones, is the living embodiment of the Award. A long-time partner of the Gallaway Law group and its predecessor firms, Andrea served as our Section Chair for the 2014-15 term. Andrea always has practiced with a determination and doggedness which when combined with her reputation for thorough preparation and her inexhaustible knowledge of zoning has afforded her opportunities to achieve results that many in the field would not presume possible. A well- known and experienced condemnation engineer with a lengthy resume of condemnation testimony accurately complimented Andrea while preparing for the specter of her cross examination. The engineer pleaded with this lawyer “How should I handle her [Andrea]? Like a bulldog, she keeps coming and coming”.

Recently, Andrea was confronted with some serious health challenges which, with her usual dogged determination and perseverance, she successfully battled and conquered. Andrea, who had already decided to retire and join her son and grandchildren in sunny California, decided to advance her retirement by a few months and enjoy the fruits that this next chapter of her life undoubtedly will bring. As she enters into retirement and what for most of us still practicing can only be described as “the promised land”, we wish her nothing but the best.

Andrea, Godspeed, and may good health, happiness and joy always be yours! Thanks for the memories.

Ken Levy | Eminent Domain Law Section Chair 2016-17