Animal Law Section | Animal Protection and Wellness Expo |Oct 29 & 30

Animal Law Section | Animal Protection and Wellness Expo

Section Members:

You are invited to join the 22nd annual Animal Protection and Wellness Expo [ ] (APAW) on Oct. 29 & 30th, 2020. CLEs requested. Over 40 courses to watch live or at your leisure*.

How can you use your law degree to help victims of animal abuse and human victims related to animal cases? This year the APAW Expo highlights Georgia cases, Georgia Law and Georgia experts but we are going virtual and connecting with other professionals around the world.

APAW Expo is meant for you, our Georgia State Animal Law Section members. The Expo provides a proactive approach in education and unites attorneys, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, animal control officers, Dept. of Agriculture inspectors, lawmakers, public and private groups to stop animal abuse, make communities safer from dog attacks, reduce the pet overpopulation, understand the correlation between human crimes, human trafficking, child abuse, domestic violence, & racism, and shows us how to improve local communities.

How do we handle the uptick in returning adopted animals or dog bite cases due to Covid 19? What are emerging diseases do we need to be aware of? How do we save animals in from natural disaster during hurricane season or horrible conditions in puppy mills? How do we find justice for Barrow County teenager who may never fully recover after being attacked by two pit bulls [ ] in her own neighborhood. Joslyn Stinchcombe, 15, is still undergoing surgeries and in the hospital for over a month. How do we replicate a 98-count conviction for a dog fighting in GA with the help of experts in animal behaviorist? We do this by education….

Celebrities and experts are coming together to present this year including Animal Planet’s Dr. Jeff Young of the hit show Rocky Mountain Vet; TV Journalist, author and producer Jane Velez-Mitchell; Author, animal behaviorist expert and former TV host of Its’ Me of the Dog Victoria Stilwell; Scientist and Covid 19/Vet Expert Dr. Jay Tischendorf; and Animal Law Experts Claudine Wilkins, Kim Schwartz, Jill Hollander, and Michelle Welch are just a few of the legal eagles presenting this year.

Register here [ ] for the October 29th & 30th, The 22nd Annual Animal Protection And Wellness Expo [ ] . It’s affordable and GA CLE continuing education has been requested. Over 40 courses to watch live or at your leisure*. Click here [ ] for full Agenda [ ] . For more info visit [ ] .

David Zagoria, Chair
Animal Law Section
State Bar of Georgia