Antitrust Law | Section Officers

Antitrust Law | Section Officers

Dear Section Members:

The Antitrust Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia has elected Lindsay Johnson as Chairperson, Parker Sanders as Vice Chair and Katie Balthrop as Secretary. We regret that we missed seeing you all at the ABA Spring Meeting – but the choice to postpone the breakfast until the next Spring Meeting seemed prudent. We look forward gathering the Antitrust Law Section together once that is appropriate.

As Chairman of the Antitrust Law Section, I want to thank both Lindsay and Parker for their support. They have worked ceaselessly to bring new life to the Section and to assure its success moving forward. It has been a pleasure to serve with them. I do wish everyone in the Section good health and a smooth transition as we move from one phase of our practice into the next in the face of the health crisis facing our nation.

Best Regards,

Bill Dillon, Chair
Antitrust Law Section
State Bar of Georgia