Aviation Law | 2020 Seminar

2020 Aviation Law Seminar

Fellow Members of the Aviation Law Section:

I have been your Section Chair since 1998. We have had seminars at State Bar Headquarters and at other sites, such as the Marriott Century Center Hotel. I decided the 2020 Aviation Law Seminar would be conducted at the 57th Fighter Group. If ICLE handles the registration and paperwork, your registration fee for attending the seminar will be $250.00. This is the lowest fee I can get. I am writing this note to verify that the amount of this registration fee will not persuade our members to forego the seminar. I will, as I have done in the past, assemble the faculty and assign the topics. My goal is to get you 3 hours of trial practice, one hour of ethics, and one hour of professionalism, as we have done in the past.

Please drop me a note [ mailto:alan@alanarmstronglaw.com?subject=2020%20Aviation%20Law%20Seminar%20Cost ] confirming the registration fee of $250.00 is not a deal breaker.

Have a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year. I will see you at our annual meeting at the 57th Fighter Group at 6:00 p.m. on January 16, 2020.

Alan Armstrong, Chair
Aviation Law Section
State Bar of Georgia

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