Child Support Worksheet Helpline

  • A Call for Volunteers

    a service provided by the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia and the Georgia Legal Services Program

    Flex your child support worksheet prowess to assist income eligible, pro se Georgians with the completion and filing of child support worksheets!

    • Convenient and easy way to serve the community
    • One-time legal assistance – not an ongoing legal relationship with the pro se litigant
    • Contact caller(s) from the comfort of your office or home on your schedule
    • Flexible commitment - You may volunteer for as many cases as you would like to take
    • Simple registration submit the form below.

  • Child Support Worksheet Helpline Volunteers

    Lori Anderson
    Steven R. Ashby
    Alice Benton
    Audrey Bergeson
    Dan Bloom
    Ivory Brown
    Teri L. Brown
    Obreziah L. Bullard
    Erik Chambers
    Katie (Kathleen) Connell
    Rebecca Crumrine Rieder
    Leigh Cummings
    Courtney Dixon
    E. Lauren Ducharme
    Regina Edwards
    Ted Ettriem
    Kim Eyo
    Jessica Reece Fagan
    Samantha Fassett
    Brooke French
    Adam Gleklen
    Gary Graham
    Mitchell Graham

    Karlise Grier
    John E. Haldi, Esq.
    Hannibal Heredia
    Elinor H. Hitt
    Donna Hix
    Michelle Jordan
    Scot Kraeuter
    Kelly Miles
    Marcy Millard
    Sabrina A. Parker
    Jamie Perez
    Laurie Rashidi-Yazd
    Tera Reese-Beisbier
    Steven C. Rosen
    Jonathan Rotenberg
    Elizabeth Schneider
    Laura Holland Sclafani
    Mali Shadmehry
    Dawn Smith
    Savannah Stede
    Savannah Steele
    Erin Stone