Eminent Domain Expert Directory – Please Contribute

by Melissa Perignat

Coming soon

As Ken Levy mentioned in his opening, we are working to create a directory of eminent domain- related experts, and we need your help. We are asking the Eminent Domain Section Members to send us the names and contact information for experts who testify in eminent domain or similar valuation cases (real estate appraisers, business valuators, land planners, engineers, sign valuators, etc.).

Simply email the information to [redacted; contact us] letting us know the area of expertise of the expert. The directory will not list who recommended the expert or how many people recommended the expert. It is our intention merely to group the experts into their respective areas of expertise and list them in alphabetical order. We believe that this expert directory will be an excellent resource for Eminent Domain Section Members, and we thank you in advance for helping us!

Melissa Perignat is an attorney at Holt Ney Zatcoff & Wasserman LLP