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We hope you are all well and staying safe and healthy in these trying times.

Like so many things these days, we at the Section have had to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis. When compared to adjustments that individuals and families all across the State and Nation are making, such as “remote learning” and “remote working”, to say nothing of the medical crisis and tragedies that have struck so many of our Section Members, directly or indirectly, our adjustment at the Section is minor to be sure, but it is an adaptation nonetheless. We are therefore bringing our Members the next issue of the Family Law Review [ ] in digital form for the time being while we wait for the economy, and our printer, to reopen for business. The issue itself was set to be sent to all of you many weeks ago, but again, like so many aspects of our lives, it was put on hold due to the current crisis.

However, and especially with the postponement of the Family Law Institute, we at the Section felt that we needed to get the issue out, even if only in digital format, to let you, our Members, know that we are pressing ahead and that the work of the Section continues, albeit from remote locations and in different ways. We hope that the articles contained in this issue give you all just a little bit of normalcy again knowing that our Section Members and Friends continue to think about issues facing us all, as family lawyers, regardless of the difficulty of times that we are navigating through.

A explanatory word on the content of the issue itself could prove helpful. All of the articles, written by our Members and Friends, were submitted long before COVID-19 was even a long-distance blip on the radar, and so please do not construe the lack of treatment of the global crisis in the issue as our dismissal of the seriousness of what we are all collectively facing in these times. On the contrary, because of the seriousness of the crisis, when faced with the choice of sending the issue out in digital form “as is” or delaying even further, we decided that our Members needed to hear from us to, again, give a small sense of normalcy in these abnormal times.

We will continue to keep you all informed as new information that would affect our Section, our Members, and our programs come to light. In that regard, also we are planning for two additional issues of the Family Law Review this year, tentatively in the late-summer and then towards the holidays. If any of you have ideas for our upcoming issues, or if you would like to submit articles, I strongly encourage you to do so. Feel free to email me directly at [ ] , and I will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not thank Lane Sosebee and Mary Jo Sullivan at the Bar for their tireless work in helping us to get the Family Law Review prepared and distributed, all while working remotely, and of course a special thanks to our Chair, ivory, who continues to provide much needed and steady leadership for our Section in these unsteady times.

We hope, as all of you hope, that the crisis will be abating to some degree by the time our next issue is released, but for now, please everyone stay safe, healthy, and secure in the knowledge that we will make it though the challenges ahead and come out stronger on the other side as a Section, State, Nation, and global community.

All the best,

Ted Eittreim, Editor

Family Law Review
Family Law Section
State Bar of Georgia