Family Law | Our Courts During COVID Chatham County, Eastern Judicial Circuit

Family Law | Our Courts During COVID-19 – Chatham County, Eastern Judicial Circuit

Spotlight on Chatham County, Eastern Judicial Circuit – FVA and Other Protective Orders

In Chatham County Superior Court, Eastern Judicial Circuit, one of the judges is in the Courthouse daily, pursuant to a weekly rotation, and hears urgent legal matters such as Family Violence Act and Stalking petitions, as well as other urgent legal matters. The rotation schedule of the on-site judge of the week is available on on the home page, see “Superior Court Memorandum (April 9th).”

With the assistance of the lay advocates through SAFE Shelter, the court is able to conduct those hearings remotely with the petitioner and lay advocate in a secure location.

For self-represented petitioners, the 30-day hearing is held in court to permit physical distancing for all involved.

The court also continues to hear other urgent matters in family law cases, via phone conferences or other remote means.

Attorneys may contact the office of the judge of the week for assistance in such matters.

Uncontested matters may be submitted by a motion for judgment on the pleadings or a stipulation and waiver of hearing. Email the documents directly to the email address of the administrative assistant of the on-site judge.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this information with our local bar and community.

– Honorable Louisa Abbot
Superior Court of Chatham County

Thank you, Judge Abbot for answering the call on so many levels!

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