From the President: Last Night’s Events in Atlanta

From the President: Last Night’s Events in Atlanta

Friends and colleagues,

The events that took place across Atlanta last night have left Bar leadership wrestling with the same emotions felt by so many of you and so many in our city, our state and our country: sad and heartbroken, troubled and angry.

Although it may be far down your thoughts, we have last night and today received numerous questions about whether the Bar Center was damaged. This building is owned by Georgia’s lawyers, and we feel it appropriate that y’all be provided an update about how it was affected.

As the crowds around CNN Center and Centennial Olympic Park were dispersed, some were driven up Marietta Street toward the Bar Center. Some of them threw rocks, trash cans and other objects at the building, breaking glass in the windows and doors of the Marietta Street entrance, as well as other street-level windows along that side of the building. There was also graffiti spray-painted along one of the walls adjacent to the Marietta Street entrance.

The security guard on duty last night, James, had a harrowing experience, but there were no intruders and he is safe. The Bar’s office manager, Mary McAfee, spent the night communicating with James and providing updates to Bar leadership. Yet again, the Bar’s employees have demonstrated their dedication to our organization, and we are very thankful for them.

Early today, many of your colleagues joined hundreds of others in downtown Atlanta to aid in clean-up efforts. That included the boarding of the Bar Center’s damaged windows and doors, and the building remains secure.

Please take some time today to reflect and pray for our city, state and country; for the identification of the common ground where we can stand together and begin to find change and healing.


Darrell Sutton
President, State Bar [ ]