Inclusion Committee Meeting, Reception, Jackson Fine Art Immersion | First Quarter 2020 – The Intersection of Art and Law Part IV |Feb 27

Inclusion Committee Meeting, Reception, Jackson Fine Art Immersion | First Quarter 2020 – The Intersection of Art and Law Part IV

The Family Law Section’s Inclusion, Anti-Bias and Diversity Committee will meet Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 5 p.m. at Jackson Fine Art (3115 East Shadowlawn Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30305).

Join us for our February meeting, reception and tour of the following exhibits:

– 30 Years of Women curated by Jane Jackson and Anna Walker Skillman

– 30 Years of Women draws from Jackson Fine Art’s thirty-year history of showing the most distinguished voices in 20th and 21st century photography.

– Italian Views – photographs by Gail Albert Halaban

– In these Hitchcock – ian tableaus, she acknowledges unspoken voyeurism and exhibitionism, tells us to admit we all do it and then pushes us to confront the hope, isolation and other emotions that lie behind the gaze. As Francine Prose notes in her foreword to Italian Views, Halaban’s photographs allow us “to consider, more dispassionately and lucidly than if we were actually spying, what it means to witness a moment in the private lives of strangers.”

– Along with the work of other contemporary artists, find in the Viewing Room the work of South African Photographer and Visual Activist Zanele Muholi, whose work focuses on race, gender and sexuality, “The portraits are at once a visual statement and an archive, marking, mapping, and preserving an often invisible community for posterity.”

Speaker Series Part IV

The Intersection of Law and Art:
Jackson Fine Art
3115 East Shadowlawn Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

Attendees will enjoy gorgeous fare and drinks including Uncle Nearest in honor of Black History Month. If you plan to attend the meeting or art immersion, please email with “rsvp—the intersection of art and law—February 27” in the subject line, and include the number of guests.

February 27th Agenda*:

– 5 p.m. | Committee Meeting
– 5:30 p.m. | Reception and Tour
– 6 p.m. | Art Immersion

Please come, bring a friend and a new or used blanket or gently used professional garb as we continue to collect blankets to donate to the homeless and professional wear to support those temporarily residing in shelters and hoping to join the workforce to independently support their families.**

*If you would like to attend the meeting by conference call, please “rsvp—the intersection of art and law—conference call” in the subject line.

**If you want to donate a blanket or professional wear and cannot attend the meeting, let us know via email,, and our committee members will pick up your donation.

ivory t. brown, Chair
Family Law Section and Family Law Section Inclusion Committee
State Bar of Georgia

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