Judicial Vacancy | Atlanta Judicial Circuit

Judicial Vacancy | Atlanta Judicial Circuit

To Bar Members in the Atlanta Circuit:

This is to provide notice to members of the Bar and the public that the Judicial Nominating Commission for the State of Georgia, created by an Executive Order of Governor Brian Kemp, is now engaged in the process of receiving names of persons to fill a vacancy on the Superior Court of the Atlanta Judicial Circuit, which was created by the resignation of the Honorable Gail S. Tusan, effective April 30, 2019.

You are invited to submit nominations for this vacancy. Members of the Bar may submit their own name or the names of others. The public is also invited to submit nominations. Please include contact information for anyone you nominate. Such names should be sent to the Commission by April 5, 2019.

By letter addressed to:

Judicial Nominating Commission

c/o Vincent Russo

500 14th St., NW

Atlanta, GA 30318

or by email c/o nominations@robbinsfirm.com [ mailto:nominations@robbinsfirm.com ]

To each person nominated, the Commission will send an application package to be returned for receipt on or before April 19, 2019. The Commission will meet to interview applicants sometime after April 26, 2019. Applicants will be notified of the time for their interview. All interviews will be held at The State Bar of Georgia, 104 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA 30303.

The Commission will select and recommend to the Governor from among those persons found to be “qualified” or “well qualified” a short list of up to five persons for this position.

For additional information regarding the Commission and the application process, you may visit jnc.georgia.gov [ jnc.georgia.gov ] .