Register Today! Legal Food Frenzy Begins April 22

Register Today! Legal Food Frenzy Begins April 22

Dear Fellow Bar Members,

We are fortunate to be members of a profession that encourages giving to our communities. Last year, more than 17,000 members of the profession did just this during the Legal Food Frenzy by raising $400,000 for their regional food banks.

Are you registered to compete in this year’s Food Frenzy? The competition starts April 22, and it is not too late to join! Simply visit [ ] to register. When you do so, your firm, organization or court will be connected to the regional food bank serving your local community, because all food and funds donated during the Food Frenzy stay local.

Attorney General Chris Carr has upped the ante this year, challenging each lawyer across the state to donate the equivalent of one billable hour during the competition. It’s that simple. One billable hour to provide meals to kids who need them over the summer. One hour to help end hunger across Georgia.

There are many ways to win this competition. In addition to the Attorney General’s Cup (per capita award), the grand prize is the State Bar President’s Award, which will be awarded to the firm, legal organization, in-house counsel or court that raises the most food and funds overall. The real winners though, are the 1 in 5 Georgia children who go to bed without knowing when they’ll have their next meal. Or the more than 60 percent of children in Georgia’s public schools who are eligible for free or reduced cost meals and lack access to food when not in school during the summer.

I hope every Georgia lawyer joins me in donating the equivalent of one billable hour to the Legal Food Frenzy. Let’s work together to build a healthier, stronger Georgia.


Darrell L. Sutton

President-Elect, State Bar of Georgia