Essie Lazarus

A “Legitimate” Cause for Concern

By Essie Lazarus As the decades have rolled on, the dynamics of families have changed significantly. What was once the “Leave It to Beaver” standard structure of the nuclear family is no longer. While the white picket fences may still exist, the families that liv e behind them are ever changing. A significant number of Read more about A “Legitimate” Cause for Concern[…]

Michelle Jordan

Navigating Custody Issues for Unmarried Parents

By Michelle Jordan According to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, 44.9 percent of children born in Georgia are born to unmarried parents.1 Married parents have equal rights to children of the marriage and if they separate, a divorce or separate maintenance order will specify custody rights for the parents. Unmarried parents who are Read more about Navigating Custody Issues for Unmarried Parents[…]

2018-19 Family Law Section Executive Committee

Scot Kraeuter, Chair Ivory Tertenia Brown, Vice Chair Gary Patrick Graham, Immediate Past Chair Kyla Lines, Secretary Leigh Faulk Cummings, Editor Kelley O’Neill Boswell, Member-at-Large Katie A. Kiihnl, Member-at-Large Karine P. Burney, Member-at-Large Hannibal F. Heredia, Legislative Liaison Theodore S. Eittreim, Member-at-Large Hannibal F. Heredia, Read more about 2018-19 Family Law Section Executive Committee[…]

Mark Sullivan

Military Survivor Benefit Plan – Practical Tips for the Practitioner

by Mark E. Sullivan The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) is the survivor annuity associated with military retired pay. If the servicemember (SM) or retiree dies first, the spouse or former spouse (FS) survivor will receive 55 percent of the selected base amount (usually the full pension) for life. The cost is 6.5 percent of the Read more about Military Survivor Benefit Plan – Practical Tips for the Practitioner[…]

Georgia’s New Adoption Code

by James B. Outman and Justin Y. Hester Georgia’s Adoption Code, O.C.G.A. § 19-8-1 et. seq., was re-codified in 1990. From 1990 to 2013 the Adoption Code was amended 28 times, the most recent being in 2013 when new Code Section 19-8-27 was added. Each of those amendments was designed only to add something new Read more about Georgia’s New Adoption Code[…]

Jordan Whitaker

Interview with Honorable Kimberly A Childs

By Jordan Elisabeth Whitaker Judge Kimberly A. Childs is the newest Judge to grace the Cobb County bench and brings with her a wide-range of experiences, both inside and outside the courtroom. I sat down with Judge Childs to discuss what she has learned since taking the bench and what knowledge and advice she wishes Read more about Interview with Honorable Kimberly A Childs[…]

J Holmes

The 2018 Family Law Institute Revisited

By Jeanette Holmes More than 600 family law attorneys attended the 36th Annual Georgia Family Law Institute May 24-26, 2018. Those in attendance were able to hear from a variety of experts, peers, and members of the judiciary on issues that are helpful to our practice of domestic law in Georgia, while also earning CLE Read more about The 2018 Family Law Institute Revisited[…]

Kevin Rubins

Trusts and Equitable Division

By Kevin J. Rubin Estate planning and trusts serve many purposes, including the transfer of wealth to future generations. However, when assets are transferred into trusts for nefarious purposes to deprive a spouse of his or her rights to equitable division or alimony claims, then the aggrieved spouse has recourse under Georgia law. Specifically, the Read more about Trusts and Equitable Division[…]